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    Interested in becoming a sponsored rider for Ellany Equestrian? You’ve come to the right place. Ellany Equestrian is looking for dedicated and passionate riders interested in teaming up with us as sponsors.

    As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to receive free Ellany gear in exchange for promoting Ellany Equestrian on social media and in their riding community. 

    Please read the following prior to applying as a sponsor:

    What Ellany will provide: Sponsored riders will be provided with free products that will be predefined when a sponsorship offer has been made. Ellany will also use a select group of sponsored riders to test new products and designs in exchange for feedback. 

    What the sponsor will provide: Social media is a huge part of how Ellany reaches new customers and riders. Therefore, how our sponsor acts on social media is of high importance. Ellany sponsors must act in a professional and supportive manner on social media accounts. We also require our sponsors to wear at least one Ellany product at 75%+ of the shows the he/she attends. Sponsor must tag Ellany in all pictures posted on social media that feature an Ellany product. Lastly, sponsors must be willing to participate in photo shoots if Ellany requires it.


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